the new story of my life !

the new story of my life !

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You can heal your life” by louise hay..took me one step further in my journey of positive experiences..

I was always a believer in the law of attraction and now my theory finds some practical !! I have rewritten the new story of my life in a way that I affirm to myself that all the things written below are the things that are coming to me now ! ( These are the changes that I’m looking for in my life)..
With louise hay, I learnt to really accept myself fully, and love myself, just the way I am..with all my flaws and still perfect in my imperfections.. Unique like a snowflake in the grandiosity of its beauty ..

Accepting myself gave me the courage to write a new story whch is manifesting itself for me..just for ME !! Because I deserve it.. And I’m worth it.. Here goes …

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. I love life and it loves me back twice. I trust the flow of events in life to produce perfect results. Divine intelligence supports me in all that I do.

My relationship with myself is a wonderful one where I am constantly learning, growing, changing and supporting myself.I love and approve of myself unapologetically..I experience love everywhere I go..I’m deeply respected, loved and cherished in all my relationships. People connect to me like a magnet. They feel safe and special around me. I enjoy wonderful associations with positive, uplifting and powerful people. My family constantly encourages me to grow and gives me the loving space to be and become.

Every cell in my body is alive with health and energy. I am in great shape and at peace with my body. My body supports me lovingly in all that I need and want to do. I take care of my body and my body heals.

I make abundant money from everything that I love doing. I feel positive, vibrant and creative energy flow through me at all times and at work. My work allows me the opportunity to fulfill all my dreams, explore, learn and be my best self at all times. I prosper wherever I turn. My talents are in demand and I am deeply rewarded for them. My relationships at work are filled with love, vibrant, positive energy and space to grow. My work allows me to touch millions of lives in an impactful and positive manner. It gives me a platform to inspire others. It brings me love, respect, fame and an endless flow of rewards and finances. I am working on my dream show where I am the indian oprah winfrey, touchng all hearts..and I attract the best people to work on it who make it hugely successful and popular..I am grateful for the opportunity from the deepest corner of my heart.

I live in a beautiful spacious 4 bedroom home whch is alive with prosperity, positivity, laughter, warmth and comfort for all. It is my heaven in whch I feel dafe and significant. my bedroom is huge..with a separate cozy corner for my books..and a 2 seater sofa in front of me for my friends to sit over coffee..i am blessed with loyal and lasting help who are always there to help me manage my home better.

My children are happy, brave, confident, independant kids. They have a great relationship with themselves and everyone around.

I am happy, healthy and safe.. All is well in my world !

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