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The workplace of an individual has a significant impact on his or her mental well-being. Unfortunately, the impact of mental health disorders on employee productivity has long been underestimated. Appraisals, feedback, competition, meeting deadlines and constant improvements are some of the unavoidable stresses at the workplace.

i. Employee Wellness Programmes

Rise Above Employee Wellness programmes are contact programme for assessment and mitigation of emotional and mental health concerns in Employees and their families. Employees of Enrolled organisations can reach out to us for one to one counselling needs through our centres, Skype or Mails. The sessions are conducted by experienced Mental Health professional, keeping in mind the privacy and confidentiality of the employee case.

ii. Work Life Balance

An oft-discussed topic is that of work-life balance, a healthy balance between work (career and ambition) and lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure and family). It is a balance of a lot of factors like — personality, profession, family demands, along with other environmental factors. Most often than not employees miss the balance, impacting their productivity. A sound health (physical and mental) plays a very crucial role in determining a work life balance and hence employee productivity.

Rise Above conducts workshops which brings in the positive behavioural mindset and better understanding of the people around to reach a balance.

iii. Learning and Development

A psychology-based training and skill development programmes aimed at re-aligning and establishing thinking patterns that enable, Increased awareness about own self and people around us. Identification of thinking patterns that dispose an individual’s behaviours. Positive dealing of emotional & behavioural interferences. Effective coping skills to enhance reasoning and implementation of behaviour.

iv. Team Management

Understanding the people is a key to managing them and working with them. Most team efficiencies are compromised due to conflicts that arise due to poor understanding of people and abilities, improper verbal and nonverbal communication, Objective and Task Alignment, affirmations and Validations.

Riseabove programs builds progressive teams, enabling faster and sustainable organisational growth

v. Skill Development
Responsible Organisations have slowly taken up the responsibility to support individuals with mental disorders at the workplace and we act as perfect growth partners catering to the emotional and mental well-being of your employees.
Rise above partners with such organisations and wants to customise modules as per the needs of the organisation.


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